Writing articles for the onion newspaper

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How to Write a Tabloid Style Article

You may also consider to discuss the use of facts in foreign writing, comparing the tone of an investigation to a short story. A selection of the best articles from satirical online newspaper The Onion.

Page One has the first 10 of the 25 selected. Nov 17,  · Humor | Inside the Onion’s writing process: “In an inversion of the traditional editorial process, the Onion chooses its headlines and then invents stories to fit them. For a headline to have made the first cut, at least two of the six writers in attendance had to okay it.” Passing muster.

The Onion had a problem: It fell behind the times. The mock newspaper hadn’t printed an issue on actual paper sinceand in the period since, it never redesigned its website.

As the media. Nov 03,  · At the offices of The Onion in SoHo, headlines are conceived first, and then articles are assigned to flesh them out. Credit Photographs for Damon Winter/The New York Times “It’s a very.

Over the remainder of this writing course I’ll be honing skills on how to write headlines and articles in the style of The Onion’s humor. Each week we submit ten headlines and one article to be evaluated and discussed by the professor and students.

Nov 11,  · But to readers of The Onion, the satirical newspaper and Web The articles perform extremely well on The Onion’s Web site. This kind of humor does pose a .

Writing articles for the onion newspaper
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The Onion's 25th anniversary: 10 of our favorite stories