The raising of the federal minimum wage for the sake of economists and politicians

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We're being sold the trickle-down economics con

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Scott Gottlieb, the man President Trump has appointed to head the FDA, wants to loosen its regulation, to permit more innovation. This is a step in the right direction. How can so few at the top exercise so much power and injustice over so many? The blind obedience of the "order followers", this is the mechanism by which total tyranny has taken control.

The brief moving statement below and the powerful short videos following it, are from a father and devoted. What these studies did was note that the federal minimum wage increases were such that states that go along with the federal minimum wage [and didn't already have a higher state-mandated minimum wage in effect] raised rates by a total of $ [between and ].

When the federal minimum wage was implemented in by Franklin D.

What Is a Living Wage? – Minimum Income for Basic Needs Above Poverty

Roosevelt in the Fair Labor Standards Act, his policy came into effect after the market crash ofduring the Great. A minimum wage is set by a legal authority whereas the living wage is set or linked to the federal poverty level.

Economists are the experts on what wage is a living wage for a Missourian.

The raising of the federal minimum wage for the sake of economists and politicians
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