The four fundamental freedoms of the

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Human rights

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European Single Market

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What are your four basic freedoms?

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Brexit: What are the ‘four freedoms’ of the European Union?

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Constitution of the Principality

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“Fundamental Freedoms” for us includes those rights and freedoms considered essential to the functioning of a democracy. They allow individuals and groups to express themselves, to believe and practice what they choose, and to exercise their right to vote.

Fundamental Freedoms. “Fundamental Freedoms” for us includes those rights and freedoms considered essential to the functioning of a democracy. They allow individuals and groups to express themselves, to believe and practice what they choose, and to exercise their right to vote.

This text has been translated for indicative purpose only. In case of any differences between the French and English texts, only the French version is legally binding. The Single Market is based on the four fundamental freedoms of the EU: Free Movement of Goods - it requires establishment of Customs Union, including removing the duties among the EU states, adoption of a common customs tariff in their relations with third countries and removing quantitative restrictions between Member States (quotes).

The four fundamental freedoms of the
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