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David Kahn (writer)

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1973 The Codebreakers The Story Of Secret Writting ( David Kahn)

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The codebreakers: The story of secret writing

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Playfair Cipher

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These engaging memoirs, each written by a different member of the codebreakers team, recount the long hours working in total secrecy and the feelings of camaraderie, tension, excitement, and frustration as these men and women, both British and American, did some of the most important work of the war.4/4.

For 4, years, fierce battles have been waged between codemakers and codebreakers, and the story of these battles is civilization's secret history, the hidden account of how wars were won and lost, diplomatic intrigues foiled, business secrets stolen, governments ruined, computers hacked/5.

Jan 17,  · David Kahn (b. February 7, [1]) is a US historian, journalist and writer.

Secret Story

He has written extensively on the history of cryptography and military intelligence. Kahn's first published book, The Codebreakers - The Story of Secret Writing (), has been widely considered to be a definitive.

The Codebreakers: The Story of Secret Writing. David Kahn. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, - Cryptographers - pages. 7 Reviews. From inside the book.

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