The arguments for and against the role of emotion in art in but is it art a book by cynthia freeland

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Feminist History of Philosophy

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Jennifer Freeland But is it art.

Dr Hans Maes

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Truth, Fiction, and Academic. Book VII of the Nicomachean Ethics is identical to Book VI of the Eudemian Ethics; for unknown reasons, the editor of the former decided to include within it both the treatment of pleasure that is unique to that work (X.1–5) and the study that is common to both.

Section 4 provides a critical assessment of the most recent and elaborate arguments against the compatibility of pornography and art. Finally, in Section 5, a case is made for the existence of pornographic art, as a subcategory of erotic art. In this book, Cynthia Freeland explains why innovation and controversy are valued in the arts, weaving together philosophy and art theory with many fascinating examples.

She discusses blood, beauty, culture, money, museums, sex, and politics, clarifying contemporary and historical accounts of the nature, function, and interpretation of the.

Issues of concern include the role of pleasure, thought, emotion and experience in art, the differences between art and entertainment, art and science, art and philosophy, and the notorious ‘end of art’ thesis put forward by Arthur Danto.

Music and Emotion (1) Narrative (1) Ontology of art (2) Painting and Arguments Against Theism (8) Arguments from abortion action aesthetics art art classification autonomy causation cultural property culture depiction desire disability distributive justice education epistemology ethics feminism fiction gender imagination intuition.

Nov 03,  · The past twenty-five years have seen an explosion of feminist writing on the philosophical canon, a development that has clear parallels .

The arguments for and against the role of emotion in art in but is it art a book by cynthia freeland
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Feminist History of Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)