Story map for writing a fable

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Hypertext fiction

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2nd grade Reading Fables and Folktales Worksheets

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This traditional story is about helping a friend. Can a mouse help a lion?

The lion and the mouse

Watch and find out! Explain to the students that they will be using the writing process to write their own original fable. They will then be presenting their story in the oral tradition, by telling their story to the class. Name_____ Fable Story Map Directions 1. Print out this page.

2. Describe the story elements you will use to write your own fable. Use this handy story map to help students organize the events and lessons in the fables and folktales they read. Short story game, it was a good story and very busy. HO's and story graphics were very good. Has a map to help you and to keep your eye searching besides the HO's you have to collect other things in order to successfully finish.

Fables Lion and the Mouse Story map. What others are saying Could Use in Work on Writing station Moral of story, recalling story and comprehension, worksheet after reading, easy lay out and quick to do, Blake Spesard.

Fable writing graphic organizer to help primary students create their own fables!

Story map for writing a fable
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