Prussian baron von steubens contribution to the revolutionary cause in america

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The Prussian Nobleman Who Helped Save the American Revolution

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Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

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The Continental Congress faced a dire situation during the Revolutionary War when it was visited by an illustrious stranger in February That stranger was Friedrich von Steuben. Within a year, he set Gen. George Washington's ragtag militia on a path to victory and changed the course of American history.

was scarce, a Prussian officer, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, was able to give the American troops valuable training in maneuvers and in the more efficient use of their weapons.

Baron von Steuben

Sep 18,  · Baron von Steuben: Prussian Contributor to American Military History. Baron von Steuben’s Service in the Prussian Army.

Friedrich von Steuben: A closer look at the ‘father’ of the NCO Corps

At the age of seventeen, von Steuben joined the Prussian army. Baron von Steuben’s contribution to the Continental Army in the American Revolution is as significant to American success as French naval.

General von Steuben Frederick William Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben was born on September 17, in the fortress town of Magdeburg in Prussia.

Who Served Here?

Following in his father's footsteps, Steuben joined the Prussian Army inwhen he was 17 years old. Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben was born September 17,at Magdeburg. The son of Lieutenant Wilhelm von Steuben, a military engineer, and Elizabeth von Jagvodin, he spent some of his early years in Russia after his father was assigned to assist Czarina Anna.

FREDERICK WILLIAM BARON VON STEUBEN () served in the Prussian officer corps for 17 years before circumstances, and the attention of Benjamin Franklin, brought him to America's Revolutionary cause.

Prussian baron von steubens contribution to the revolutionary cause in america
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Biography of Baron von Steuben