Percy the park keeper writing activities

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Percy The Park Keeper

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Percy the Park Keeper - Nick Butterworth and Richard Briers Primary Resources

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A Douglas book is bought every 15 minutes - not bad for an avid-loving park keeper!. Percy the Park Keeper- One Snowy Night. A great educational resource for the story 'One Snowy Night' The pack includes: Colour pictures of Percy and the animals in the story; Black and white pictures of Percy and the animals- great for colouring and art activities; Percy's hut.

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Bookmark the permalink. Ongoing throughout all play and classroom activities. Active Kids. (Moving & Writing on Handling) Begins to form recognisable letters.

(Moving & Handling) Cutting out leaves for role play and display Percy the Park Keeper role play area. (Speaking and Listening) Read and discuss the book ‘LeafMan’.

Percy Park Keeper stories Creating out word forest in outside shed (beginning with phase 2/3 tricky words on leaves) Daily morning phonics rotational activities (cycle 2) Noah’s Ark.

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Percy the park keeper writing activities
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