Describe the proudest moment in your life

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What To Say To Someone Who Has Received A Down Syndrome Diagnosis

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Great Questions

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Husband of June Waters Schwartz, Ph. Life as a Police Constable. Being a Police Constable isn't an easy option. But it is one of the most varied, challenging and rewarding careers you could choose. What is your proudest moment in your life?

Oral History: When Geraldo Rivera Opened Al Capone's Vault

The most foolproof method to answer such questions is to follow the S.T.A.R approach (Situation/ Task/ Approach/ Result). Most candidates tend to answer such questions by following the S.T.A.R approach in a backward manner; this gives the interviewer more chances to ask you questions and to understand.

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Joey Dunlop's fame in Northern Ireland was on a par with George Best and Alex Higgins. On race day proper, William's bike failed on the grid but Michael's grew wings.

Describe the proudest moment in your life
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Oral History: 30 Years Ago, Geraldo Rivera Opened Al Capone's Vault | Mental Floss