Definitions of the term globalization

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He also believes that most audiences of globalization just want to stay in touch. They criticize the fact that expanding countries have bigger influence on other culture than others. Definition of anti-globalization: Movement whose participants are opposed to capitalism and globalization.

The philosophy of the movement is based on the belief that individuals and organizations can achieve social, personal and. I do not know that there is an exact definition of globalization, but I can tell you what it is.

Globalization is the process by which countries come to do more trade with one another. Viewed narrowly, globalization is a governmental policy favoring free trade, open borders, the free movement of capital and goods (but not always of people), elimination of tariffs and price controls (including artificial control of currency values), and the privatization of publicly-owned or controlled enterprises.

(noun) Worldwide integration of culture, ideas, media, and technology through cross-cultural exchange due to advances in communication systems and economic interests.

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Globalization is the idea that the world is developing a single economy as a result of improved technology and communications.

Jan 31,  · The meaning of globalization defined by the context in this publication is to describe a holistic view of educational experience by man. United Nations is of the view that this term can be defined in a number of Economic News Articles.

Definitions of the term globalization
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