Arthur millers childhood as the basis for the play death of a salesman

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Arthur Miller

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Death of a Salesman

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Miller worked various jobs after high school, including one as a salesperson that inspired his later play, Death of a Salesman.

His career as a playwright began while he. Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York, on October 17,to an immigrant family of Polish and Jewish Oct 17, Arthur Miller alerts his audience to the fact that his play is a tragedy by titling it Death of a Salesman, but ironically our main character does not appear to be a great man.

Instead, the main. Arthur Miller died on February 10th coincidentally it was the 56th anniversary of Death of a Salesman. The legendary play writes died of heart failure at the same time he had cancer and pneumonia.

Miller’s next play, Death of a Salesman, became one of the most famous American plays of its period. It is the tragedy of Willy Loman, a man destroyed by false values that are in large part the values of his society.

For Miller, it was important to place “the common man” at the centre of a tragedy.

Death of a playwright: legend Arthur Miller dies aged 89

Arthur Miller once said that Death of a Salesman was a “tragedy of the common man.” Think about it: The main character, Willy Loman, is a regular, everyday guy—an .

Arthur millers childhood as the basis for the play death of a salesman
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