An overview of the spanish acquisition that started in the 1400s

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Texas History Timeline

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Spanish Inquisition

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Texas History Timeline

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In addition to the term being used for the hist­orical events, the word "inquisition" refers to the tribunal court system used by both the Catholic Church and some Catholic monarchs to root out, suppress and punish heretics. Printable Version. Overview of the Colonial Era Digital History ID The year marks a watershed in modern world history.

Columbus's voyage of discovery inaugurated a series of developments that would have vast consequences for both the Old World and the New.

Beginning in the s, Spanish explorers, conquistadors, and colonizers carried their language to Central America, South America, and parts of North America.

Both the Castilian and Andalusian dialects made the trip.

15th century

Late in the middle ages christians became very hostile to the jewish belief, this started the crusades. The battles were waged on by the Christians against the Saracens. The crusades were a time of holly wars in the middle ages of Europe. Mar 10,  · Through the s and s, the Renaissance spread northward into France, Germany, England, etc.

History of Portugal

These areas are further from Italy. De Soto expedition, map and brief overview in Parallel Histories/Historias Paralelas: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier, from the Library of Congress, the National Library of Spain, et al.

An overview of the spanish acquisition that started in the 1400s
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