An argument against the proposal of creating a substitute for the draft

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How to Write a Short Proposal

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Women and Draft Registration (

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Drawing up a draft proposal

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In this section you can find out what a good research proposal should look like, the stages and elements of a research proposal and submitting your proposal. A short proposal takes the art a step further, conveying the request in a concise format. Certain elements need to be included to make the request clear and convincing.

How to Write a Short Proposal

Develop arguments to support your proposed need for support and why it would be a good thing to do or approve. Draft your proposal document with the first paragraph. Arguments in favor of conscription appear very weak when subjected to close examination.

The case against conscription is strengthened still further by some additional arguments. Involuntary servitude is immoral. This is the basis for our whole economic system and is a strong, although not conclusive, argument against any proposal to make use of it.

Links about women and draft registration: National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service (appointed by Congress and the President to study and report on whether draft registration should be ended, modified, or extended to women).

Heritage Foundation research counters arguments in favor of reinstating the military draft. The Case Against the Draft: The Heritage Foundation's Research | The Heritage Foundation Skip to main.

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