An analysis of the dangers of smoking and the cigarette company

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BAT Science - Smoke chemistry analysis

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“The Doctors’ Choice Is America’s Choice”

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If you stay away from cigarettes, you can save your lungs from the deadly effects of smoking.A hand comes in and swipes the table screen.

A finger clicks and a pair of healthy pink emoji lungs next to a dirty cigarette pack shows up. The main factors that contribute to tobacco use are self-esteem, peer pressure, role models, and curiosity. Other factors can also contribute to an individual's tobacco use such as rebellion, ease of use, and boredom.

Chapter 1 Smoking and health Publicly the industry denied and continues to deny that it is clear that smoking causes lung cancer - yet it has understood the carcinogenic nature of its product since the s. It is now clear that the industry’s stance on smoking and health is determined by lawyers and public relations concerns.

Tobacco companies “falsely denied, distorted and minimized” the link between cigarette smoking and disease, even though they internally recognized its existence. The Surgeon General’s report concluded that smoking cigarettes causes death and disease.

2. Tobacco companies “falsely denied, distorted and minimized” the link between cigarette smoking and disease, even though they internally recognized its existence. The Surgeon General’s report concluded that smoking cigarettes causes death and disease.

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An analysis of the dangers of smoking and the cigarette company
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