A look at the greek and roman temples for the gods

10 Most Spectacular Ancient Roman Temples

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Paestum and the Homes of the Gods

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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

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If you would like to see this site's entire list of deities, see Gods/Goddesses Index, but if you would just like to have more information on a given major (and a few minor) Greek and Roman gods, click on the names below.

For a more complete listing of Roman gods, see Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Greek Temples: The Ultimate Guide

New temples now belonged to the tradition of the Roman temple, which, in spite of the very strong Greek influence on it, aimed for different goals and followed different aesthetic principles (for a.

Greek Temples - Residences for the Ancient Greek Gods The Western Ideal of What a Real Temple Should Look Like paintings, statues, and weapons were among the things brought to the sanctuary complex as votive offerings to the gods. Temples. Greek temples (naos in Greek) are the quintessential Greek sacred structure, but that is a function of.

Video: Comparing Roman & Greek Temples & Sculpture. These temples honor the Greek gods, and oh! Look at this! The Greek temple team has begun to fill their temples with artwork. Principal Greek and Roman Gods (adapted from Laurie Schneider Adams, Art Across Time Metope from the Temple at Selinus (c.

) showing Perseus slaying Medusa with Athena looking on.

10 Most Famous Greek Temples

This site draws together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology. Although. Roman temples usually faced east or toward the rising sun, though a notable exception is the great Pantheon which faces north (only preserved after the rise of Christianity because it was made into a church instead of being destroyed and built over, which was the fate of most 'pagan' temples).

Roman temple

In ancient Rome, only the deities of the Roman pantheon had a templum; any building honoring a foreign deity .

A look at the greek and roman temples for the gods
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